Artist Statement

         I am an artist and making art is part of who I am. I have explored photography, mixed media, collage, painting, and printmaking and exploited these mediums and techniques for the best solutions to the problems incurred as my art has changed from descriptive to abstract. My work is concentrated in the mediums of painting and printmaking.

The formal aspect of my work centers on abstraction with emphasis on color as the structural framework that supports the layers of geometric and organic forms. I construct iconic structures that hold and carve out a definite space and create volume as well as experiment with textures that best represent my emotions.

 I sift through my memories and find familiar forms to utilize as part of the creative process and elements of figuration and landscape filter through. In retrospect, making art is an act woven into the fabric of my life; like so many strata revealing hidden artifacts and symbols yet still retaining some ambiguities and mysteries, my art is a cumulative experience.